David Smooke - Composer




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My music is about exploding boundaries in the continuing search for transcendence. These metamorphoses manifest themselves through the physical instrumentation, the musical development of material and the dramatic through-line of the compositions. Disjointed stases of sound coalesce unexpectedly into regions of clarity defined by funk-style grooves or long sinuous melodies; traditional instruments joyfully explore noise-based sonorities. I am fascinated by the sonic images that surround us in our daily life and reflect these quotidian experiences by musically evoking the sense of natural yet impossible landscapes replete with refracted and distorted birdcalls, oddly-voiced machines, and pulsing yet unpredictable rhythms similar to tidal wave patterns or crowd flows. The underlying gestural language of my music recalls the experimental post-punk goth and progressive rock music of my youth—which inspired my original interest in art music. Both of these obsessions impelled me towards the microtonality that often provides the basis for my harmonic universe. Each piece considers the drama of performance and narration, reflecting my years working in theater as a director, producer and stagehand, while my deep love for the visual arts has led me to collaborate on multi-media installation works and performance art.