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rehearsal of h.at.
Rehearsal of h.t. with I.C.E.











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h.t. (homage dr. teriwilliker)

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(piano, 10 hands), 4 min., 2006. An ICE commission;
Premiered by the International Contemporary Ensemble (I.C.E.), Chicago, IL.

h.àt. is a tribute to the evil music instructor from the Dr. Seuss-penned movie "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T." His plans for world domination involve forcing 500 children to play his "Happy Fingers" melody on a long piano that stretches to the horizon. While limited to a smaller instrument and only 50 fingers, my ambitions parallel those of the master.

This piece was commissioned by the International Contemporary Ensemble (I.C.E.) for their ICEfest 2006 and was composed while on a residency fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

h.t. (homage dr. teriwilliker)
Performed at Mercyhurst College under the direction of Shirley Yoo and the composer, Erie, PA, April 27, 2010, by (in order): Rachel Reszler, Mitchell Alpaugh, Shana Plunkett, Kelton Macke, Shirley Yoo.

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